A bit about me...

This year, 2020 will mark my fourth year since I started learning to code. I am JohnPaul, I am 16 years old, and I started out with the basics of block based programming, then I went on to learn Javascript. It was exciting and sometimes frustraiting as I learned these new concepts. Over time I wanted to do more projects which required different languages, so I went on to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, and Python.

What Type of Experience Do I Have?
My programming experiences involve, full stack web development, robotics, home automation, and basic machine-learning.

What Resources Have I Used?
More specifically on the web side of things, I have used the Node JS runtime environment, Material Design Bootstrap, Firebase, PHP, and mySQL with PHP.

What Else Can I Do?
Besides programming, I speak Spanish, and I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese, someday, I hope to be fluent. I program a lot on my freetime but in addition to that, I also like to make sculptures.